Frequently Asked Questions


 01  Do you all have payment plan options?

Yes, we want to ensure the client has the chance to grow their business ideas in a way that  provides affordable quality work. 



 02  What if I need more services added on?

Our operations chair will create a new contract (which can be terminated at any time) with a new invoice for your records.



 03  Do you all work with upcoming influencers?

Yes, we love to help build brands, especially upcoming brands. Thus far our marketing chair has worked with several influencers and celebrities landing partnerships and establishing relationships. We know what it takes to set you up for success. 




 04  Are there à la carte options?

Of course, you can pick from our list of options and we will set you up with a plan.



 05  Do you all guarantee client confidentiality? 

Absolutely, client confidentiality is something we take very seriously.