Meet The Team

Aniah Coley
Partner & Operations Chair

Select Three Consulting is skilled in making sure clients have the knowledge and skills to keep their vision moving forward. This tier of our 3-part business is lead by Director Aniah Coley.

As a business, we work with the client to ensure they understand how to manage and progress the operations of their vision with continuous improvement as the focus.

Operating Hours:

M-F 3 PM - 10PM EST

Sianni Cabello
Partner & Marketing Chair

Select3Consulting has a proven track record of meeting our clients creative needs. This tier of our 3 part business is lead by consultant Sianni Cabello who’s work has been featured on @XONecole & on celebrity media platforms.

As a business, we work with the client to identify growth opportunities and create compelling marketing strategies to give new and existing ideas a lift.

Operating Hours:

M-F 12 PM - 9PM EST

sianni 2.PNG
Kyara Murry
Partner & Legal Chair

Select Three Consulting has served in creating various businesses & non profits for clients around the US. This tier of our three part business is ran by Kyara Murry

As a business, we work with our clients to explain what the legal requirements associated with having a successful business are.

Operating Hours:

M-F 12 PM - 9PM Central